Welcome to the Online Marketing Magnet Blog.

My name is Nate. I’m an online marketing entrepreneur and consultant from the Philippines. I make most of my living online and its one of the things that really makes me feel so lucky.

I don’t claim to be a “guru” or an “online marketing expert” but I’m eager to help you with regards to improving your online marketing skills whether you’re a business owner or a newbie online marketer.

How it all started…

I didn’t came to be an online marketing specialist within a blink. I am a registered nurse with a 4 year bachelor degree. When I was about to finish my Master’s degree in Nursing, I realized that being a nurse may limit my skills and passions. That’s when I decided to push through with my professional online career.

Within 7 years time, I worked as a copywriter, virtual assistant, social media manager, internet marketing manager under various internet marketing companies and entrepreneurs. That 7 years of working from various people paved way for me to understand the essence of online marketing and at the same time improve my skills on various online marketing aspects.

Perhaps one of the perks of being an online marketer is the fact that I could have time to pursue my other passions and hobbies such as being a magician, social dynamics coach and of course being a gamer.

Recently, I decided to have my own online business and was able to help a few newbie internet marketers and small business owners with regards to improving their online marketing strategies.

Right now, I’m enjoying the struggles and success of being an online professional and entrepreneur. It’s not your usual job or business but its something that fits me very well.

So what’s Online Marketing Magnet all about?

Online Marketing Magnet is a blog where I want to share as much information as possible regarding online marketing from tips, updates to the latest trends. The purpose of this blog is to educate and help people improve their online marketing skills and knowledge in order to achieve online success.

If you have an online business or is still getting started on doing online marketing, I hope that the information that you’ll get from this blog would help you in more ways than one.

I wish you luck and the best on your online marketing aspirations!