Why Having an Autoresponder is a Must for Affiliate Marketers!

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Email Marketing

Saying that not having an autoresponder will hurt your affiliate campaign would be an understatement. The truth of the matter is that without an autoresponder, your chances of success are slim and even if you do achieve some modicum of success, you will leaving a lot of money on the table… and no smart affiliate marketer wants that.

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So You Want to Build Your Own Digital Marketing Agency?

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starting digital marketing agency

So you just decided to start your own digital marketing agency. Finally you can become your own “boss”. Everything is done online now and there’s no better time to start building an online business for yourself, right? Well, before you drown into your delirious dream of starting your own digital marketing business please know that a huge percentage of people who tried starting their own digital marketing agency FAILED! 

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Top 5 Online Logo Makers For Business Owners On A Budget

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logo maker

Having a well designed logo for your business can be really tough especially if you are a business owner with a limited budget. One of the most common mistakes that business owners usually make when it comes to this is creating a logo out of google images – this is wrong! Not only are you stealing someone else’s work, you are also putting your business at risk. I know hiring a graphic designer can be really expensive but it doesn’t mean you’ll just grab someone else’s logo and use if for your own. Remember, your logo is an essential part of your brand and you should have one designed specifically for your business.

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Online Marketing Weekly Roundup: 8/28/2017

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online marketing weekly roundup 1

A curation of the latest news, trends and tips revolving around online marketing which includes SEO, social media, ad marketing and more this week. Selling With Video: YouTube and Facebook Video Marketing by Michael Stelzner “Whether your video is on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, the first five seconds of your video have to be weird. Seth Godin calls this concept the purple cow. Even if you have a good or great video, odds are most people won’t even watch it. The average view duration of Facebook video is six seconds so you have only a few seconds to engage someone and tell their brain to keep watching.” Read more here

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Why Start A Home-Based Business

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home based business

Tired of trading your precious time for money? Feeling that you’re missing out on life as you’re toiling away at traditional work? Have a brilliant business idea that you’re sure to be a hit? Or maybe, life necessitates for you to earn a living differently than what you are used to. A change in ‘lifestyle’ as a home-based entrepreneur could be the right move for you. Although working from home requires self-motivation and discipline, the results can be substantial – not just financially.

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2017 Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For

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content marketing 2

Where was content marketing at in 2016 and where is it headed in 2017? Last year we experienced groundbreaking shifts in the triad of consumer behavior, content and technology. Consumers were devouring content through their devices in gargantuan amounts. In 2017, there is one thing we can say with absolute certainty – content marketing will be even more influential. Consumers are even more discerning with what they read and participate in and ultimately, purchase. Here are some content marketing trends to watch for in 2017.

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