Online Marketing Weekly Roundup: 8/28/2017

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A curation of the latest news, trends and tips revolving around online marketing which includes SEO, social media, ad marketing and more this week.

Selling With Video: YouTube and Facebook Video Marketing by Michael Stelzner


“Whether your video is on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, the first five seconds of your video have to be weird. Seth Godin calls this concept the purple cow. Even if you have a good or great video, odds are most people won’t even watch it. The average view duration of Facebook video is six seconds so you have only a few seconds to engage someone and tell their brain to keep watching.” Read more here

Digital Sales Funnel Basics: Discovering a Simple Overview and Plan by Mike Gingerich

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Digital Sales Funnel Basics: Discovering a Simple Overview and Plan

“If you are asking questions about online sales funnels, this is a great post to dig into!  I’ll cover the Digital Sales Funnel basics in simple terms to help you identify a plan and strategy to implement on your website.” Read more here

Inside the Mind of a Marketing Tech Person by Ian Cleary


“There’s a new breed of marketer that came into existence over the last few years. It was a collision of marketers and tech people which resulted in marketing tech people!

I’ve a tech background and drifted into marketing and it took me a few years before I was comfortable being called a marketer….” Read more here

How to Use Instagram Hashtag Analytics to Grow Your Brand by Dominique Jackson


“You know that hashtags are important for Instagram. You’ve read countless articles about them and probably have an Instagram hashtag analytics tool to track your performance. But when you look at the data, what insights do you take away?” Read more here

Phrase match is dead. Long live phrase match! by Steve Cameron


“When Google launched their broad match modified match type some years ago, some marketers hailed the demise of phrase match as something of a foregone conclusion. Many, ourselves included, quickly shifted gears and rolled out new campaigns using a combination of broad match modified (BMM), exact match and negative match keywords. And others did not.” Read more here

How to Perform a Basic Local Business Competitive Audit by Miriam Ellis


“If you or a client is asking this question, the answer lies in competitive analysis. You’ve got to stack Business A up against Business B to identify the strengths and weaknesses of both competitors, and then make an educated guess as to which factors Google is weighting most in the results for a specific search term.” Read more here

How SecureWorks Took Content Strategy From Guesswork to Game Changing by Andrea Fryrear


“Mediocre content marketing is often built on the shaky foundation of assumptions and generalities. Creating detailed personas and accurate buyer journey maps takes time, effort, and resources, and often it seems easier to skip those steps and dive straight into writing generic blog posts.” Read more here

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